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A little about me.

My name is Aina Farhah. I'm fourteen years old kid soon to be fifteen years old kid.

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story of my friends !!
ahah , ALHAMDULILLAH sgt sgt..have a many friends 
 suka suka !!! gmbr ni..hahhaha....x de keje wat je la bende alah ni !
...hahaha...!!!.... x tau cite ape...
 juz letak gmbr okayy :) WATCH IT ! <3
my you...
my chum....
love you so so much !!!

my chum..jugak..kwn lame..tetp you so much !

like this pic.... ~
putih jgk aq !! p e r a s a n ! nasi lemak RM 1 kami jual !

me and mukhlisah !

no me !! kayy !!...sate cute !!!
my friends again !!
E N D !
C on t i  NUE S ~